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Why Having a Foreground in Your Photo Shoot Is Important

What makes a good picture be a good picture? Is it the composition? Is it the illumination? Or perhaps the subject matter? Truth is, a combination of all these and more elements can ensure that we get great looking pictures, however the most important factor on determining what makes a great picture is the emotions
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How To Get The Perfect Family Portrait

Going back in the history of photography, you will notice that back when cameras started to become popular, people would not use them to photograph artsy abstract subjects or sculptures, but rather pictures of the people they knew. Taking photographs at the turn of the century was a very expensive and time consuming affair which
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Why You Need Professional Headshots

What’s the point in having professional headshots when you own a perfect good camera that you can use to take a perfectly good shot of yourself? Well, quite simply, they’ll look homemade and unprofessional, and will also make you look cheap! It won’t capture you at the best angle, in the best light, and it
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Types of Light for your Portrait

When getting a portrait done, it is important to consider the different elements that make up the picture in order to get the best possible outcome. One of the most important elements of such pictures is lighting. Different types of lighting will give you different outcomes, so it is important that you and your photographer
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